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Dr. Abigail Hogan presents to the CAS Board of Visitors!

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Dr. Abigail Hogan presented her poster on Neural Processing in Fragile X Syndrome and Autism to the CAS Board of Visitors on December 2, 2016. It was an honor to present the experimental design of our NIH-funded preschool grant to a governing body of the College of Arts and Sciences.

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Currently Recruiting children with Autism

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We are recruiting children who have been diagnosed with Autism!

Who can take part in this study:  Children 30-42 months diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and a developmental delay.

What will participation involve:  Completing some interviews and questionnaires about your thoughts and experiences as well as your child’s development.  Yearly in person assessments of mom and child at your home.  Participants will be compensated  for their time and receive a brief report of their child’s development.

How will this project help families: This information would enable us to support all families affected by neuro-developmental disorders by promoting earlier diagnosis, treatment and support.

How can I get more information: Please contact Ms. Jessica Escorcia via email ([email protected]) or phone (803-777- 5676). You may also visit our recruitment page.

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Anxiety Grant Funded by the National Institute of Health!

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In September 2016, Dr. Jane Roberts was awarded funding by the National Institute of Mental Health for the project entitled: Emergence, Stability and Predictors of Anxiety in Fragile X Syndrome.  It is the first longitudinal developmental study of the early features of anxiety in very young boys with FXS contrasted to boys diagnosed with ASD (non-FXS) and typical controls.  The study analyzes the age which initial features of anxiety can be detected and the stability and prognostic value of these early symptoms.  Our lab is eager to start work on this exciting new project!!

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Jessi Scherr accepted postdoc at Nationwide Children’s Hospital!

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Jessi Scherr has accepted a two -year postdoctoral research fellowship at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus Ohio specializing in clinical research of assessment and treatment practices of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Neurodevelopmental Disabilities. Her research interests include the examination of biobehavioral factors related to development, social-emotional functioning, and cognition.   Contratulations Jessi!!

Publications and Presentations Updated

Publications and Presentations Updated

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Our list of publications and presentations for 2015 has been updated based on our activities over the past year. Check out any of the links to see what we’ve been researching!

Fragile X Society

Research featured by the Fragile X Society

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New research by members of the Neurodevelopmental Disorders Lab has been recently highlighted by the Fragile X Society. This research focuses on reading development and the role of phonological skills in boys with fragile X syndrome. Read more about our research and potential implications for teaching children with fragile X syndrome to read!

Dr Jane Roberts Faculty Profile

Dr Jane Roberts Faculty Profile

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The University of South Carolina College of Arts and Sciences features Dr. Jane Roberts profile on their website. Read Dr Jane Roberts Faculty Profile to hear more about her research on the early diagnosis and treatment of autism and other developmental disabilities.

Infants with down syndrome

Infants with Down syndrome

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Do you have an infant with Down syndrome? We are currently recruiting infants with Down syndrome 13 months and younger in Columbia, SC and it’s surrounding areas to participant in our research study!

The goal of this study is to learn more about early development in Down syndrome:

  • Participant takes about 2 hours.
  • Participation involves an assessment of the infant’s developmental skills using play-based assessments, and an interview with parents regarding their child’s development and physiology.
  • Participants are compensated for their time.

Want to learn more? Contact Jessica Scherr at [email protected] or Laura Hahn at [email protected]. We can also be reached by phone at (803) 777-5676.

Learn how you can take part in our research