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NDD Lab at the National Fragile X Conference

Superheroines of Fragile X Research!

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Being trailblazers of Fragile X research is no small feat!  Dr. Bridgette Tonnesen, Dr. Debra Reisinger, and Dr. Jane Roberts attended the National Fragile X Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio last week where they presented their research alongside the world’s leading Fragile X experts.  This family-friendly forum which occurs every two years helps families affected by FXS get the support which they need.  For more information,   stay up to date by following the National Fragile X Foundation:  https://fragilex.org/

Dr. Roberts with a family from our study

NDD Lab Summer 2017 Newsletter!

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We’re halfway through 2017 and we just want to give you an update on all of the progress we have made thus far!  We couldn’t do it without the support of our wonderful families!  Here is our Newsletter:  June2017Newsletter_

Dr. Roberts workings with members of the NDD Lab

Dr. Jane Roberts featured news story: Piecing together the Autism Puzzle.

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The work of Dr. Jane Roberts is currently featured on the College of Arts and Sciences website.  The new article entitled Piecing together the Autism puzzle explains how our research connects the social and biological science to improve the health of children and families.

Dr. Jane Roberts gave a talk at UC Davis Distinguished Lecture Series

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Dr. Jane Roberts participated in UC Davis’ Distinguished Lecture Series on April 12th 2017.  Her talk was entitled, Biobehavioral Profiles in Infants with Fragile X Syndrome: Emergence of Autism and Anxiety in Fragile X Syndrome.   She spoke about characterizing the phenotype of fragile X syndrome, the leading known single-gene cause of autism spectrum disorders. In addition, Dr. Roberts talked about her latest research which focuses on the role of anxiety in autism and their interface across the developmental spectrum.

Dr. Roberts in Washington DC for National Fragile X Syndrome Advocacy Day

Advocating for the Fragile X Community on Capitol Hill!

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National Fragile X Advocacy Day took place February 28th – March 1st, 2017 in Washington D.C.!  Dr. Jane Roberts was proud to be able to attend this annual event along with many other influential interventionists who are fighting for the rights of the Fragile X Community!  Here, Dr. Roberts is pictured with Dejan Budimirovic M.D., medical co-director of the Fragile X Clinic at Kennedy Krieger Institute, as well as  Tracy Stackhouse, and Sarah (“Mouse”) Scharfenaker, the co-founders of Developmental FX in Denver Colorado. Parents, family members and self-advocates living with Fragile X are encouraged to participate in this annual event and make their voices heard!

At the forefront of the fight for Inclusive Education

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Kenneth Kelty is amazing and inspiring. Dr. Jane Roberts was lucky to meet him at an early age and be able to see the potential in this young man. http://www.globi-observatory.org/my-journey-as-a-public-speaker-with-autism/

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Dr. Jane Roberts featured in TOP NEWS STORIES

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Dr. Jane Roberts received over 6 million dollars in funding in 2016 and for this reason, she is currently featured in the USC College of Arts and Sciences Top News Stories.  The grants received from the National Institute for Mental Health fund studies which aim to determine the developmental trajectories of disorders such as Autism and Fragile X Syndrome as well as the relation between protective factors and mental health outcomes in early childhood.  To read more about these projects, her community engagement and her collaborative efforts with other researchers, you may reference the full article here.

Baby Siblings Research Consortium logo

Dr. Jane Roberts presents at the BSRC Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA.

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The High Risk Baby Siblings Research Consortium (BSRC) is a group consisting of 25 accomplished scientists, which represent 21 research institutions in the United States, Canada, Israel, and the United Kingdom.  At their most recent meeting this October in San Diego CA, Dr. Jane Roberts presented a paper entitled: Autism Features in Infants with Fragile X. It was an honor to be a part of the collaborative effort across many research sites to discover the earliest signs of ASD, its early risk factors, and new methods for early diagnosis.

Fragile X chromosome illustration

Anxiety Grant Funded by the National Institute of Health!

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In September 2016, Dr. Jane Roberts was awarded funding by the National Institute of Mental Health for the project entitled: Emergence, Stability and Predictors of Anxiety in Fragile X Syndrome.  It is the first longitudinal developmental study of the early features of anxiety in very young boys with FXS contrasted to boys diagnosed with ASD (non-FXS) and typical controls.  The study analyzes the age which initial features of anxiety can be detected and the stability and prognostic value of these early symptoms.  Our lab is eager to start work on this exciting new project!!

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