Undergraduate Students Present at Discover USC

Undergraduate Students Present at Discover USC

NDD Lab undergraduate students presented their research at this year’s Discover USC symposium. We are incredibly proud of our amazing young researchers! Check out more about their presentations below.

  • Assessing Family Environment in Infants with Fragile X SyndromeEvelyn Leary
  • Physiology, Anxiety, & Parenting Stress in Mothers of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders Nhi Ngo
  • Temperamental Precursors to Separation Anxiety: Sex Differences in Shyness and Fear among Preschoolers with ASD and Elevated Likelihood for ASD Laura Torres
  • Characterizing the relationship between baseline heart rate and sleep quality across children with fragile X syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, and typically developing controls Sarah Walker
  • Relationship between Language Development and Anxiety in Children with an FMR1 Mutation Avery Phelps
  • Cardiac Autonomic Measures of Frustration in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Eden Wellons

Sarah Walker

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