We’re expanding our Fragile X Research to Chicago!

Image of Chicago skyline with USC mascot Cocky

We are excited to be conducting a special study with Loyola University in Chicago to learn more about brain development in infants and children with fragile X syndrome! The ultimate goal of this study is to enable early detection and promote targeted early intervention services so children with fragile X syndrome can learn to their full potential.

We are currently recruiting families in the Chicago area with children & infants 8 years old or younger who have been diagnosed with fragile X syndrome or the FMR1 premutation.

Participation in this study involves assessments of the child’s developmental skills as well as completion of an electroencephalogram (EEG) experiment. The EEG test measures neural processing when participants are presented with neutral and social stimuli.  Heart rate, eye movement and brain waves are recorded while child participants watch images on a television screen.  The presentation takes about 20 minutes with the entire session lasting about an hour. You can learn more about the EEG experiment by watching the video below:

The assessments will take place in the Chicago area. Participants are compensated for their time and certain travel expenses.

We’d love to talk with you about this opportunity! Please contact us by email or by phone at (803) 777-5676 for more information or if you’re interested in participating.

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