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NDD Lab at the National Fragile X Conference

Superheroines of Fragile X Research!

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Being trailblazers of Fragile X research is no small feat!  Dr. Bridgette Tonnesen, Dr. Debra Reisinger, and Dr. Jane Roberts attended the National Fragile X Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio last week where they presented their research alongside the world’s leading Fragile X experts.  This family-friendly forum which occurs every two years helps families affected by FXS get the support which they need.  For more information,   stay up to date by following the National Fragile X Foundation:  https://fragilex.org/

Debra Reisinger

Debra Reisinger to start internship at Kennedy Krieger Institute in July!

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A big congratulations to graduate student Debra Reisinger, who has accepted an internship at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and the John Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore Maryland!  Debra will intern at Kennedy Krieger for the 2017-2018 academic year with plans to obtain her doctoral degree upon completion.  We hope her dogs will acclimate to the Baltimore weather quickly;)  Congratulations Debra!!

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